Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Welcome to the website of an organization created for a clear purpose: supporting independent school college counselors.

ACCIS, the Association of College Counselors in Independent Schools, has grown from a conversation between a few colleagues and friends, to an incorporated reality, and a new force in college admissions—all in six short years. 

When NAIS, the National Association of Independent Schools, discontinued its College Connection Institute in 2005, some counselors were more than disappointed.  They had seen what coming together as colleagues could do.  Counselors, like nature, abhor a vacuum. 

And so a small group gathered at the next NAIS conference to incubate their idea. 

Born into corporate life in March of 2007, ACCIS is now 600 members strong and a truly national organization.  The idea of an organization dedicated to the support and service of college counselors in independent schools and committed to the belief that we can and should be leaders is no longer an idea—it is reality. 

Further, despite our rapid growth, we are actively seeking new member schools and aim to reach all eligible independent school college counselors.  If you spend even a few minutes perusing the rest of this web site, you will quickly realize just how much ACCIS is doing and what a truly exciting array of professional development opportunities we offer.

Since 2005, ACCIS has played a special, important role in the professional development and support of independent school college counselors and their school programs.  We provide:
•    an active and informed elist.
•    professional development institutes and colloquia that feature small sessions geared towards the unique needs of the  independent school college counselor.
•    college tours with other ACCIS member counselors that provide insight into a wide range of colleges.
•    opportunities to work with trusted and respected colleagues on helping to improve your college counseling program.
•    a chance to lead our profession through involvement in ACCIS committees and projects.

ACCIS is a sound investment for your school as well.  For only $150 a year, ACCIS provides these benefits and more for each member of your college counseling staff. 

The ACCIS pioneers may not have known exactly where their conversation would lead, but look at it this way: 600 college counselors can’t all be wrong, can they?  We look forward to hearing from you and having you join us, too!