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Fall College Tour

ACCIS Best of the Midwest Tour 2013

A group of 45 counselors from ACCIS member schools across the country met up in Chicago in early November for the first ever Best of the Midwest Tour. Starting at University of Chicago, we then traveled by bus to University of Notre Dame and then on to Purdue University. Each college hosted us for a dinner reception after some initial orientation on their campus, followed by a program the next day to meet with faculty and students and to tour facilities. Highlights included the Purdue aviation center, Chicago's robotic library, and a chance to run the tunnel to the Notre Dame football stadium. Between Notre Dame and Purdue our intrepid bus driver was dealt the challenge of a closed highway, followed by a detour that led to a dead-end in a cornfield-- we made it out and go to West Lafayette only a little behind schedule, and the adventure provided a group bonding experience. All of the college admission staffs were gracious, excited to host our group and eager to share information and show their campus. As the tour liaison for the ACCIS Program Committee, I was glad to be able to attend this tour and to visit two colleges I hadn't previously seen, as well as to get to know and compare notes with other ACCIS members.  I'm especially grateful to the deans and admission staff at the three colleges for making this tour a reality and for their efforts to make it a productive series of visits.

--Mark Moody, Colorado Academy (CO)

ACCIS Tour Coordinator


Feedback from the Fall 2013 ACCIS Counselor Tour

 Here are a few remarks from Best of the Midwest participants:

The interest on the part of the hosting schools was high, and the colleagueship between fellow participants was diverse, rich and useful.

As a first-year college counselor, recently crossing the desk from college admission, ACCIS provided an incredible learning experience through the tour, both by visiting the three schools, but also by providing a chance to network with other professionals. It's clear that ACCIS is an organization I will be part of for the entirety of my career and I have already surprised myself with how beneficial the organization has been. If this tour represents other ACCIS events, you can bet I'll be setting an alarm to be the first to register, just like checking in for a flight on Southwest!

I found that touring colleges with just independent school college counselors provided for a much more informative visit. I am sure it is due to the fact that we all have similar challenges, focuses and goals. It was great not to be rushed from college to college and having the ability to spend a full day on campus helped in capturing the vibe from students, professors and admission staff.  Very well done! I'm ready for the next one!

It was a great group of colleges, and they each really went all out to show us their programs and facilities. I am very glad I took part. ACCIS folks are a fun group to travel with, too. Fun times and informative conversations the whole trip.

I thought the ACCIS Best of the Midwest was not only an opportunity to see some of the premier institutions of the Midwest, but also a chance to branch out professionally and connect with other ACCIS members. From the behind the scenes tours to the opportunities to hear from campus representatives to our meandering travels, the tour was the complete package. I'm definitely excited to have the opportunity to do another similar tour in the near future.


Why Attend an ACCIS College Tour?

Here's what one tour attendee says:

TN colloquium

"[I]t was the people who made it special. The group was one of the most congenial, interesting groups of people I have ever shared a trip with. Maybe it was the time of year, maybe just the luck of the draw, but I think we all really got along well - no cliques, no outliers, wonderful conversations and fun. I propose a Reunion trip!!! Hot Topics went well -- didn't take much to get folks talking -- again, the time of year made us all ripe for sharing insights and opinions..."

Counselor College Tours

ACCIS college tours give you the opportunity to visit colleges alongside counselors who share similar constituencies and concerns.  We’ll spend time with college Deans and administrators in a casual setting, discuss issues of interest to our populations, and learn about student life and admissions processes at a range of colleges.



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