E-Mail Discussion Lists

ACCIS members are automatically enrolled in the elist and the elist is available only to ACCIS members.

If you would not like to receive elist messages, please email Leigh Barnett at accismoderator@gmail.com. If you would prefer to be enrolled under a different email, please email her directly as well.

To post a message on the elist, just send an email to members-request@lists.accisnet.org   

Using the elist website:
During your first login, you will be given the opportunity to set your password.  Go to the above website and click on “First Time?” in the upper left-hand corner.  Once in, you will see “Post” on your left, and your settings of how you'd like to receive elist messages; review past messages; and upload an “avatar” (photo or image) which will accompany your messages when viewed by others from the website., if you wish, log in to the website: http://lists.accisnet.org

You do not have to do anything to receive messages. To respond to an elist post, just hit reply. Please know that hitting "reply" sends your message to the whole elist of over 997 ACCIS members, not to only the author of the original message.  Be careful if you want your message to be private!

In order to control Out of Office messages being sent to everyone, we have decided to moderate this elist. This means that posts and replies may not be sent to the elist immediately as a moderator will have to approve messages. We hope that by moderating the elist, users will see no Out of Office messages.

ACCIS would like to thank the following members who helped us test our new elist tool: Leigh Barnett (The WInston School), Marie Bigham (Greenhill School), Jenny Byers (Harpeth Hall), Eric Monheim (Sidwell Friends), and Liz Pleshette (Latin School of Chicago). Additionally, we would like to thank Leigh Barnett, our elist administrator, and Matt DeGreeff, our previous elist administrator, for their help in managing this project.