Member Benefits

ACCIS is the only professional organization that focuses on the unique needs of independent school college counselors. Through our year-round professional development activities, ACCIS members learn better ways to improve board reports; gain faculty support; manage family expectations; and build more diverse lists.

The ACCIS eList provides a broad range of professional input for your queries. Is your school re-evaluating its grading policies? Wondering whether or not to continue to offer AP classes? The eList lets you quickly and easily gather information from independent schools across the country.

The ACCIS newsletters provide timely information about hot topics in our field, news about ACCIS activities and events, and resources to help your professional development.  The ACCIS document library provides examples of board reports, forms, checklists, and other resources to help you in your day-to-day job. 

ACCIS members strengthen their professional skill sets and build relationships with colleges through our professional developement programs, ranging from the annual Summer Institute and Colloquia to our ACCIS counselor tours to our annual membership meeting. Our Events Calendar lists ACCIS offerings as well as member-to-member events.

Whether in person, online, or through virtual meetings, the opportunity to share ideas and advice with colleagues is what makes ACCIS membership essential to each independent school college counselor.

I hope you will consider joining ACCIS, as a college counselor and on behalf of your independent school's counseling program.


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