Organizational Structure

ACCIS Leadership Team

As of July, 2013

Board of Trustees

Emmi Harward, The Bishop’s School (Executive Director)

Sam Moss, Darlington School (Chair)

Gavin Bradley, Pace Academy (Vice Chair-Internal)

Marie Bigham, Greenhill School (Vice Chair-External)

Tamar Adegbile, Harvard-Westlake School (Secretary)
Nancy Beane, The Westminster Schools
Renee Bischoff, Hawken School
Gordon D. Chavis, Jr., Associate Vice President, University of Central Florida
Jack Lewis, Lake Forest Academy (Treasurer)
Larry Momo, Trinity School
Jenny Rickard, Vice President for Enrollment, University of Puget Sound
Ari Worthman, Lakeside School


Committee Chairs
Nancy Beane, Governance and Nominating
Gretchen Bergill, Founding Schools
Jenny Byers, Program
Lisa Clay, Organizational Advancement
Steve Frappier, Strategic Planning
Kristen Learner, Organizational Advancement
Jack Lewis, Finance
Sarah Markhovsky, Communications
Mark Moody, At-Large
Jenny Rickard, Strategic Planning
Thad Robey, Finance
Myra Simpson, At-Large

Administrative Assistants:  Rhonda Collins, Michelle Belanger

Webmaster: Bram Moreinis
Governance and Nominating Committee
Chair: Nancy Beane
Subcommittee Chair: Scott Mayer (Bylaws/Elections)
The Governance/Nominating Committee oversees the election and appointment of new members to the ACCIS Leadership Team. It makes recommendations and vets candidates for elections.  This committee also administers the bylaws and other governing documents, ensuring adherence, recommending improvements, overseeing changes.
Strategic Planning Committee
Co-Chairs: Steve Frappier, Jenny Rickard
Subcommittee Chairs: Gretchen Bergill (Founding Schools), Steve Frappier (Research)
The Strategic Planning Committee oversees and coordinates all research and education initiatives, conducts surveys to collect data about national and international issues in education, analyzes trends, disseminates conclusions, functions as a clearinghouse for related information, and maintains the document library on the website. This committee also develops long-range plans for ACCIS. The Founding Schools subcommittee, which represents the 42 Founding Schools of ACCIS is under Strategic Planning.
Finance Committee
Co-Chairs: Thad Robey, Jack Lewis
The Finance Committee advises the organization on budgetary policy and issues, revenue generation, and membership dues and fees. This committee recommends an annual budget to be approved by the Board of Trustees, assures the occurrence and quality of annual audits, and monitors the implementation and enforcement of investment strategies approved by the Board of Trustees.
Organizational Advancement Committee
Co-Chairs: Lisa Clay, Kristen Learner
Subcommittee chairs: TBA (Membership), TBA (Sponsorship)
The Organizational Advancement Committee creates marketing strategies to support and advance the work of college counselors, their schools, and the profession. Strategies include encouraging association membership and developing relationships with professional associations, foundations, corporations, colleges and universities, and individuals.
Program Committee
Chair: Jenny Byers
Subcommittee Chairs: TBA (Summer Institute); Tracy Stockard (Training and Mentoring); Myra Simpson (Colloquia), Mark Moody and Jonny Nicholson (Tours), Michele Davis and Matt Mettille (Community Outreach), Jenny Byers (Assistants’ Program)
The Program Committee plans, coordinates and implements all institutes and workshops of the Association, including the annual Summer Institute, Colloquia, New Counselor workshop, ACCIS college tours, Community Outreach, and the Assistants’ program. The chair and subcommittee chairs coordinate on planning of programming, as well as with hosts and vendors at respective sites.
Communications Committee
Chair: Sarah Markhovsky
Subcommittee Chairs: Leigh Barnett (Tech), Jody Sweeney (External Communications)
The Communication Committee oversees content development of major Association publications in print and electronic media. The committee provides a professional voice for the college counselors through conference presentations, journal articles, commendations on good practices, and media responses. The committee shall develop appropriate means of communication with Association members, and develop and manage communication using all available technology.

ACCIS Documents
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